Maria Duval Testimony #15

Maria Duval,

There is a coincidence that happened to me when I was in my 40’s. Here it is! I was vacuuming, there was a newspaper on the floor, I picked it up and placed it on the table.

When I glanced at the wall, the picture I saw on the front page was projected on the wall HUGE! I thought wow! What’s going on with my eyes. So when I looked at the paper again the picture was projected on the wall, like a big movie screen again! What was that all about. Scary.

Hoping to hear from you about this. My daughter Nancy, when she was a baby. A lady kidnapped her from her buggy and I caught her before she left the park. I also saved her from a possible drowning. Got there just in time.




Maria Duval Testimony #3

Dear Maria,

Marvellous changes have taken place in my life recently during our correspondence.

I won a small fortune on race horses. $1,000.00.

Healthwise, in 2005, I was to have a knee operation as i found it painful to walk. Amazingly, I can now walk for 30 to 40 mins untroubled and play 18 holes of golf without pain.

In 2004, I was checked by my doctor diagnosed as having diabetes. I had a recent diabetic examination in march 2006 and now i don't have diabetes anymore.

I think that's really amazing.

Thanks to you maria Duval.




Maria Duval Testimony #2

To Maria Duval,

I am very happy to write to you this letter, because I just won a betting on a horse on 4th June 2007. I won $90.00 and my second winning that same day brought me a cool $900.00. Thank you very much Maria, my friend.

It's really a great help because soon i will be going to Rarolonga for 8 days from 10th July to 18th July. It's a tidy sum for me to spend on this trip. Thank you.

Yours faithfully