Maria Duval Testimony #29

Dear Maria.
As I am looking at your letter dated March 26, 99. I must agree wit the first sentence and I quote (This letter is really very important. Who knows… it may even be one of the most important letters you ever receive in your life). I like to say that it is the most important ;letters I ever received to that date, all your correspondence is very important to Me.

So far I read your letters with the envelopes, #1 on may 22 and #2 on June 23, and I am re reading them as often as I can. what a reading.

I just wish that I would be able to put my thoughts on paper better.

At first it was difficult for me to understand that a person of your caliber could be interested in little me. But when I read sentences like this on your letter of march 26-99, and I quote.

My primary concern is to see my fellow human beings find happiness. My true vocation is to help people (perhaps like you) who deserve far better than what life seems to be giving them right now.

I can now understand haw involve you are in your profession. And what special person you are.

Now I must give you a little bit of information on what I am doing here, first I have being very careful wit what you ask me to do, the Occult Breading is a little more difficult than I first expected, I have to have lots of concentration, but I am getting there, The foot bath is going fine, I mis one day but I hat two foot bath the next day.

My energy is improving but not as fast as I would like, there is some thing interfering now. At my last visit to Dr. Bril my Myasthenia Gravis Specialist in Toronto, She cut the Prednisone of my medicating, I know that she was anxious to do that, because there could be serious side effect from that medication, and she put me on 14. .5 Mg. Prednisone tablets per day ten years ago. Wen it was hider that, or be gone in 3 weeks. Dr. Bril as being cutting the Prednisone don since wen I left the hospital ten years ago. For the last year I have being taking only 5 Mg. tablet every other day.

Wen I stop taking Prednisone I also stop taking the mild half tablet sleeping pills that I have being taking for over a year. Dr. Bril worn me before that I shouldn’t take any sleeping Medication, that it relax me to much and that M G. mite be coming back. But I know that it won’t, I have different medication now, the one that you sent me in the first envelope, THE FORMULA FOR THE EVENING TO SLEEP IN PEACE UNDER THE PROTECTION OF BENEFICENT FORCES. My general health is very god rite now. I feel better now then I felt on July 6 1963. that was Saturday 36 years ago that is wen my marreage problem started.

Maria you are telling me in your letter wit the first envelope. That you would like to tell me that great happiness is far closer than i imagine. I hope that you are telling more on the numbers 3 Envelope letter, but I will wait for the 23 of July To open that envelope. regard less.

Now I am going to close this letter I have take to much of your precious time already. Before I say By I wantto thank you from the bottom of my harth for all you are dooing for me, You are the most generous person that I met in my hole life, THANK YOU.


Ps. I am working on the PSYCHO** POWER NOW, A book that came to me in my mail, I LIKE TO THANK THE GENEROUS PERSON THAT SEND THIS BOOK TO ME,
Thank you