Maria Duval Testimony #26

Hi Maria Duval,
I’m writing to my report, I think that formula of exercise is great ! Yes I know one meditation but all I have to do is put in action everyday I got cassette to work with, and to tell you I’m connect with energy of the universe, call Reiki since almost 2 years ago been initiate up to 4e degre to help myself and then after people need it. I thank you for your secret of luck & especially on Tuesday at 8:30 PM I know it is powerful force vibrations, thank for your help that I probably need very appreciated, and by the way I open #2 enveloppe only 30 days after practice the first formula, its amazing how you know me, and for my confidence (trust) and much more. But I don’t know what gone to happen with that in the near future with my hidden talent, but I know I was different and special. so how to benefit from it that his another things.
Thank you
Very much
Robert C.
P.S. I am French too myself first language, I was supprise to saw you’re a french psychic. And I hope to see you someday.