Maria Duval Testimony #20

Dear Maria,
Thank you for your help. I won the play 3 on the lottery worth $500. That’s a start. I want to enjoy all these great opportunities. Your predictions are right. I hope it will keep coming. My hopes are high right now. The Wondrous Sphere of Wishes pendant you sent me or maybe the picture Goddess Lakshmi gave me the luck. This luminous wave should start to grow more powerful now. I need ‘‘father Sauniers’’ wishing card.
I feel energetic and happy. I’m very delighted.

Thank you much.

Maria Duval Testimony #19

Dear Ms. Maria Duval

Thank you very much for your letter after letter, I keep them and compile them altogether. I admire your astrological knowledge and your psychic expertise and other abundant knowledge.

Miss Maria, you know I always keep that gold pendant you lend me last year in my trouser small pocket. Hope that some day I get the fortune I’ll return this precious gift to you in person and say thank you.

C.W. 3/2/07
Anaheim, CA


Maria Duval Testimony #18

Dear Maria Duval,

Thank you for your letter of February 19th. It arrived this morning and I am writing you right away in order to comply with your request to send the coupon back to you right away.

Thank you for the lunar ritual which you performed on my behalf on February 2nd, 2007. I truly appreciate your keeping your part of the agreement I made when I sent you the last sum of money (in cash). And I already feel more positive that the money situation will change for me soon. It certainly needs to as I am sending this letter without any money enclosed, in the hope that the enclosed coupon I am sending you will enable you to perform the 2nd half of the lunar ritual.

I own 3 moonstone rings already, a moonstone pendant, and a pair of moonstone earrings, so I will not need you to send me any further moonstones. However, I will wear those moonstones from today onwards to assist you in connecting with me for the next part of the lunar ritual I would appreciate your performing on my behalf.

Unfortunately, I cannot send you any money due to the fact that when I pay my mortgage and powerline this month, I will have only a few cents left in my bank account and I don’t have enough clients right now to promise to send you any further money for awhile. I am barely making enough money to pay my mortgage for next money.

I believe in the work you are doing for me and I pledge to send you the $49.00 fee when I win the lottery as you have predicted! In addition, I will send you additional money for you to do further work for me and to thank you for doing this second half of the lunar ritual without my sending you money. I am truly sorry not to be enclosing cash, but, as I told you above, I don’t have it!

Lately, I have taken on even selling AVON in an effort to make further money, and that business is building very slowly. So far I have not made any money but have managed to pay for the books and the costs of participating in the business. I will also pledge to get out and do speaking engagements and workshops to try to find clients. As I said, as soon as I have more than enough to pay my bills, I will be sure to send some of it to you!

I do hope that you are able to do the second half of the lunar ritual on my behalf in spite of the fact I cannot send you money. As I said, above, I will send it to you as soon as I win some money! And will send you a share of whatever it is I win.

Thank you again, for being "my friend" and doing this spiritual work on my behalf! Since you have been writing to me, I have felt much more supported and hopeful!

Enclosed is the "coupon" you requested identifying that money and work are the two areas I need help with. And I am trying to do my part in spite of the physical handicap with which I live.

Again, thank you for everything.

Sincerely yours,