Maria Duval Testimony #25

Dear Maria Duval,

I was so happy to receive your letter on March 26th 99. It was certainly a matter of urgency. You came to my rescue Maria.

Since January 20th I had to go to see my family doctor I knew something was wrong with me it was a urine problem I was very weary.

My doctor send me to the hospital for a urine test and the results was that I had another test at her office on May 11/99’ there was no blood in the urine that day it was OK.

But, she refered me to a (Urologist) the appointment is June 17th. I really feel so protected by all the prayers and good words you tell me and the meetings it feels so (powerful) It’s a lot better for me.

And on May 13, I got up that morning and I could feel something different inside me. I went to the bathroom and check my urine in the toilet bowl and it was normal color for the first time since January 99’.

From January 99 to May 13, I was really sick with it and feeling tired a lot. But, I have so much confidence in all you tell me to do and it feels so powerfull I know I will be OK.

I feel tense a lot but I pray the ‘‘Divine Spirit’’ 2 to 3 times a day. It really help me. I always have you on my mind I know you are there for me and you are so powerfull.

I like everything you tell me to do I don’t want to forget a thing. I have difficulty with the breathing I practice during the day.

I’ll be glad when the date to open my 3rd letter will come in July.

I’m so happy that I found a special friend like you. I never want to loose you Maria.

Another thing I’d like to tell you is about a sweepstakes I am registered in. It’s the ‘‘Canadian Family Publishers’’ there is large amount of money to the awarded until the end of the year 99’.

So, I will send more news about me after the results from the (Urologist) ‘‘That is my wish to have good results.’’
It’s all about my health.

I have trouble with the heart sometimes
Thank you Maria
Alphonsine D.



Maria Duval Testimony #24

Dear Maria Duval,

Re Envelope No.3 – the conclusion of the 90 day period – I just want to tell you how eternally grateful I am to you for revealing all those invaluable secrets of success!

Now I realise how important it is to maintain a positive outlook and attitude, and why all these years my ‘‘non-success’’ has unwittingly been of my own doing through negative thinking. Although I have read about these things many times (I have been interested in Metaphysics), I did not realize how far I was slipping more and more into a state of negativism because I did not know how to counteract this through the power of the spoken word, or at least how to keep on persevering in its application and not just reading about it.

Thanks for your help, I am now doing whatever I can to reverse this state of affairs. I have been using the Saint Joseph prayer formula as well as the ‘‘Saints in Heaven’’ formula (although I was brought up a Protestant but no longer a churchgoer). I can see how far I still need to go by keeping this up ‘‘forever’’ but will keep on trying my best every day.

The sleep formula you gave me is wonderfully relaxing – I am now sleeping much better, for which I am most grateful!

Yours sincerely,
Marit D.