Maria Duval Testimony #23

Dear Maria Duval,

I learned of you just a couple of months ago and decided to enlist your help. I was hesitant because I know there are a lot of charlatans out there. Also I did not want to deal with anyone who uses their power for any negative purpose such as to send bad luck to another person.

I am a very spiritual person and have deep faith in a loving God. So I wanted to be sure in my heart that I was not getting involved in something I shouldn’t. But my heart & spirit indicated that all was right in this endeavor & that you were a good person.

I had you complete my astrological chart using my time & place of birth as well as trorhythmic chart & I-Ching.

I received my forecast the last week of February, 1999. On March 2nd I took my lucky lotto numbers & bought a few lotto and also cash 5 tickets to play in the drawings for March 2nd through March 11th. On the first night March 2nd my ticket for the cash 5 drawing hit 4 out of 5 numbers which is normally 200 dollars but they had a special that night & it doubled my 200 so I won 400 dollars. I was quite happily surprised. Just wanted to let you know it’s already working. I also ordered 2 of your talismans to use for 6 months. I wish I could keep them but you said they can only be borrowed. However there were no instruction on how to return them after 6 months. Please let me know. And thank you again.

P.S. I hear you are coming to Denver. Please send me information as I would like to see you!

Jan H.


Maria Duval Testimony #22

Dear Maria Duval,

Everything you predicted about my past and present are right on! It even made me chuckling a couple of places!

You are so exact, I know my dreams and hopes for the future will come true!

I have dreamed about owning my own flower shop by the name of ‘‘Love Buds’’. Having fresher flowers than other florists and at a lower price too!

I also want to go on an ocean cruise and travel – hopefully with my daughter Deborah! She is a sweet woman of 39 this Nov. 21st.

Her teen years and birth of my grand-daughter, Leslie, who turns 17 on June 23rd went through them without me. Her father and I divorced after 18½yrs of marriage.

This mothers Day, I scared myself and my 2 sons and Debbie by having a mild heart attack!

I was rushed to the old Victoria Hospital on south street here in London, Ontario. Thankfully there was no heart muscle damaged and I was discharged on the Tues. following Mothers Day by 3pm. I did not arrive home until 5:25 though as I had a 2hr wait for London Para-transit. It was a warm, sunny day, so I did not mind the wait.

I now have a wonderful woman, Sandy, that comes to my apartment to help me out in any way she can, every day until May 27/99.

I taught her how to make drip coffee in my drip coffee pot. She leaves me with a fresh pot of coffee when she leaves.

She is here for 1hr, but she does other things for me on her own time. I just love her as if she was my own!

In fact, I told her the other day that I adopted her as my 2nd daughter.

My life is getting better every day and I am so happy now! I will write to you again Fran├žoise.

LouAnne G.



Maria Duval Testimony #21

Hi there,

When I received a letter from Maria telling me about a very lucky cycle coming up in February three the next 3 months. I read certain dates she gave me twice ! She said I would receive an invitation to a grand event then the magic would begin.
One week later I received an expense paid trip to a grand ball for Valentines Day in Vegas!

She also saw $ coming increasing three fold, then I’d be signing papers concerning money. I still don’t believe it that it must be a dream, I won 70,000 Quarters! Again the magic came. One day I got home, I felt extremely lucky I couldn’t work. So, I went to Canada (Windsor)! I don’t know why I did that, but 5 minutes there, I won $80000!Then everyday after that I kept winning $. Small amounts, then more.

On March 19 I had to go back to Vegas on business for that weekend with my husband. I had a dream the night before I left. I had to sign papers as a lady handed me hundreds of dollars! It was so real I woke up and told my husband what I dreamed well on March 22nd at 5.50AM I won $2,601.50! I had to sing the tax forms. Again I won total in jackpots $7,00000. Unreal!

Still to come, like a dreamy waiting for the Airport taxi I hit 25000! Don’t believe me? Sitting on the plane home, there was a drawing called Losei’s hand. I sat in seat (03E) changed it twice at boarding too! Would you believe out of 350 people on that plane, the stewardess picked my lucky dollar with the only (1) I had crumpled in my pocket! I won at 6:35pm I’m outside of Cleveland.

Did my luck stop!?

No way, on my birthday March 23rd until now, I have won on every scratch off lottery I touched – up to 5000! Still don’t believe me? On March 28th Jupiter trined Pluto at 2:00PM until 4:00PM. I was called to hear the reading of my Uncle’s last will. He died January 2nd 99. He left $2,000,000.00 to his nieces & nephews. You got it I’m one of them! I just signed the papers! That same morning at 11:30AM I stopped for Gas, my husband bought me a cat’s paw scratch off. I won $3000! I showed my mom. She couldn’t believe it!

Well before I close. Today at 12:30PM I had lunch at our local restaurant. My husband bought me a scratch off cats claw again. Yup # 1 + 15 were my numbers. She whole scratch off had 1s + 15s on it! I won 3000 again!

I don’t know what to say. Except I sent for her 1 year report. It was so great I woudn’t put it down. It is so awesome. Oh know its full of lucky numbers!!

I almost forgot – on Saturday morning March 27th at 10:00AM my builder came over. I had a CD in the bank up, so I lended (him) by contract $40,000 my life savings for retirement. [I trust him]. He needs it for 3 months only to buy more property. He gave me $12,50000 in interest due back June 29!

Do you believe this? Unbelieveable. Of course, I donated to my charity. But it keeps on coming! I have proof of all of this as well. Photos people who saw the winning (my seat ticket) and the travel agency I told it to, all people I was with.
Sorry the letter was so long but I had to tell you she was absolutely correct!
God bless her!

Last year was so bad I couldn’t sleep for 6 months!
February 98 Mother in law had heart failure.
June 29th my dad died.
July 4th my nieces best friend was killed by fireworks at a big display.
August 18th my best friends son died.
August 21st my husband closest buddy has terminal cancer.
Sept. 9th my girlfriend from school has cancer. Jerry Z.
Sept. Oct. Nov. I was deathly ill. So was my cat, I love, and my husband.
Sept. my other friends (Jack M.) dad died
Jan. 2nd 99 my uncle died (never married)
March 28th 99, just received news my first cousin 43yrs has a cancerous tumor in her breast. It was a sad year. But this year – Gosh! Marie Duval I thank you!

God bless – Debora S.

P.S. I keep her photo on me – I take her everywhere
Ron & Debbie S.
OH 44056