Maria Duval Testimony #36

This testimony is from nearly ten years back. But it's still good to paste it here for viewing.

Dear Maria Duval:

I must apologize for not writing sooner. I forgot.

Maria Duval told me to expect something great on Jan. 20, 1999. I received a check in the mail on Jan. 24-26, 1999 for $2,000.00; a payment on a debt 12-15 years old!!! When I finally really looked @ the check – it was dated January 20, 1999!!! Then I knew that Maria was a real psychic.

I have been waiting & wondering why I have not received the full year’s reading (2/13/99 – 2/13/00) that I have ordered. Maybe relating what has happened will now bring her reading to me.

I ask her now to forward this to me as I believe we have been brought together by the Angels.

Please inform her of this wonderful happening & yes, the amulet seems to bring people to me – even strangers speak!!!

My job seems to be going along better. Have heard from my youngest sister (we are not close) who has invited me for a visit. I have received many beautiful birthday cards, more than usual; also a very expensive gift from a family member.

Yes, yes, her amulet is working!

Please relate my thankfulness & gratitude to her & say I wait to hear from her very eagerly.

With sincere love & respect,

B. A. Lindsay