Maria Duval Testimony #5

Dear Maria Duval,

Thank you for your letter dated 2nd January 2008.

When I looked at the envelope containing your letter, I did not know who was coming to me.

When I opened the letter and I saw it was from you, I finished what I was doing and came inside to read your letter. I noticed the returned envelope address was France. This was unexpected, but after reading your letter, I realised how urgent your letter was.

Maria, as you mentioned in your letter, it is my wish, once I am debt free, I would like to help other people like me, who are struggling to survive, and who are continually getting knocked back, to be successful by learning to dance in the rain and not wait for the storm to pass.

Maria, once I am debt free, and have a regular income to look after my daily expenses, I don't need a large amount of money to play with. It is more important to help my friends to be successful than it is for me to drive a big flashy car or own a speed boat.

Within a few days of getting Balance Restorer, I was able to get a loan to pay off my immediate debts. I asked for $5000 and $10,000 was my account within three days.

A friend rang me on a thursday, asking me to her wedding on the Sunday. I bought a replacement camera for the one my sister's friend too to Thailand without asking me. I was more than happy with the results of many of the photos.

When I perform the ritual to maintain the positive charge of the balance restorer, I feel a cool gentle breeze flowing over me. I know something is working.

Maria, there are so many of my friends who need my help. I will talk to them about you and the positive sides of life, so that they can know life is still hopeful.

I wish you a Happy New Year.
From New Zealand.



Maria Duval Testimony #4

Dear Maria Duval,

I received your letter dated March 23, 2009 on April 2, 2009. I sent you a $45.00 money order and the request form for the Very Powerful "Ritual of 7 Fortunes", The Great Secret of Incredible Luck in all Areas, My "Luck Remote Control" and my free gifts with my "Wheel of 7 Fortunes": My Protector Talisman so I can feel myself instantly flooded with Strength, Energy and Confidence and also banish bad luck and seek protection every tine I feel the need to, and your "Secret to Wealth".

It has been longer than two weeks and I have not received my package that you said was ready to be sent out as soon as you received my consent. I have not received it yet and today is April 19, 2009. You assured me that I would start to have the initial influxes of cash from within 3 days onwards of my receipt of my Wheel of 7 Fortunes, and I do believe in you. As you know I am counting on you to help me, I really do need your help, you told me that I would win a huge amount of money in the Lottery. Please help.

In the beginning of 2005, my Son, who was a home builder, was having financial & marital problems, I then started helping with his mortgage and other bills, at the end of 2005 I purchased his house in my name, so he would not lose everything, with the understanding that he would help me with the payments, he could not find work. Prior to this I had perfect credit, with no financial problems, if I don't have the money by May 8th, 2009 for back payments on the mortgage, the bank will sell the house and all the money that I put into the house and to help my son will not be recovered(which was all of my savings for my retirement),and it's been a domino effect with all of my creditors. So you see, I really do need your help.

Thank you so much, All of your letters have helped me so far to keep my spirits up, because you assured me that all of this will be taked care of and I will have so much money that I will never have to worry about my financial future.
Thank you so much.


Post note:

Good Morning Maria~
I have received your package, thank you so very much.I feel so much better now. I have read most of your booklet, I have taken a vacation from today 04/22/09 thru 04/28/09, so I will be able to contact Barachiel. Thank you so very much.