Maria Duval Testimony #35

Dear Maria Duval:
I thank God for the arrival of your blessed Luck & Money talisman. At the time, I received the lovely talisman I was so down on my luck I was contemplating suicide. Furthermore, it took my last monies to send for this taliman; I couldn’t even afford the Love & Friendship talisman.
I’ve had this blessed talisman almost a month and a half. Well, a miracle occurred indeed!! I was doing hard blue collar work (temporary position) and had filed my income tax with the IRS with a downcast heart (in the past, they had seized my income tax). Two weeks later, I got my full income tax. Thank God for that lifesaving Luck & Money talisman.

Also, a few days after receiving this life changer, I went to the local grocery store & brought two scratch offs. To my surprise, I won a whopping $2,000.00. I almost fell out from the surprise.
Also, my cat had run away some time ago, (my beloved cat, I had raised since birth), and someone (a child of ten) spotted the cat & returned the cat to my door. I gave the boy $5.00/thanked him & we had juice together.
(I was so glad to get my cat back after being gone over 1 year). I talked to the boy over cookies & found out his father needed 2 workers desperately. The boy’s father owned a import company & they only lived in the next neighbourhood. I landed a job as the import secretary for a whole $500 more per hour/and I do not have to get dirty anymore.
I know this letter is a little long. Thank you Maria from the bottom of my heart. The talisman literally saved my life!!
Yours Truly,
Johnita R.


Maria Duval Testimony #34

Hi Maria Duval,

This wondrous combination of parapsychology (intuition), Biorhythms, Chinese Calendar, Psychic numbers for lotteries was a message from God directly during this most troubling year of my life. I use it like a Bible on a daily basis and find it to be so minutely detailed I am constantly astaounded (so is my daughter who is aware of my daily use of it).

On the day it said my car would fail and told me it would be the wheel was right on target. When having stalking problems I was told not to answer my door in my apt. the very day this person was trying to get inside. When moving 800+ miles it warned me not to try to rush, then to take an apt. that was temporary (one step at a time) instead of the house I was deeply wanting to rent. Warnings about poor health and nervousness were not just general but exactly tuned to my nervous system. I am a strong willed person -- but am not always able to overcome poor health though in my 50’s and had much experience in the area. Money problems were predicted exactly at a time when I could not know funding would be taking away from a schooling project.

Believe me, words cannot convey how EXACT these daily predictions are and not just general as I had thought at the outset. The overview for the month with Chinese symbol -- line up to be what one is trying to achieve and focus on that very month.

I have always thought parapsychology to be maybe 75% right but am convinced the combination of all these modalities together have an overall 85-90% truth quotient.

In deep awe of your services, I do so appreciate this opportunity to try to convey my astonishment at this great tool for helping mortals make better decisions.

Most Sincerely,

Corrie C.
Urbana, IL