Maria Duval Testimony #9

Dear Maria,
Today I got a check of $500.00. Sure was nice to get the extra money when I needed it.
All the things you said are coming true. You gave me strength and hope. I feel things are going to change.
When I needed a friend you were there. Also nice to know, I trust you. Keep the letters coming.
Thanks for all the help.

Your devoted friend
7 July 2007
p.s. My writing is not the best.


Maria Duval Testimony #8

Dear Maria Duval

I have received your the balance restorer, I read your instructions very carefully were to place the balance restorer, and the rods they took a little longer because my ceiling’s are nine feet high.

Maria when I took the last rod out of the box I felt a very good positive energy in my hands and I knew in that moment the balance restorer will work at is best. After placing the rods and the balance restorer into there proper location as per your advice, I read your instructions how to perform the ritual, Maria at this time I am just reading and concentrating on the instructions when I finish I keep thinking of the ritual I went to another room in my apartment with in a few seconds this visual image very clear of a Haitian ashtray that was given to me as a gift many years ago came to me. Maria I was not thinking about this ashtray at all.

All of this happened in the afternoon late at night I perform the ritual when I finish, I knew were the ashtray was in a box with all the others ashtray’s that I have collected over years from around the world. When I grab the box Maria the type of vibration that I felt at that moment was a very negative one (bad). The next day the ashtray was out of my home don’t worry I follow you instructions very carefully.

Maria I have to confess my sleeping is way much better since the balance restorer is in my home thank you. I am sure at this point you must be smiling and happy. I also have to tell you your ability, knowledge, energy and honesty are remarkable.

Because I know for a fact my case is not a simple one and I am very happy that you are willing to help change my life around. I promise I do my best so it can happen.

Maria I also received your talismans luck and money, love and friendship and my Gemini talisman, there are very beautiful I just starter wearing then on my neck I will let you know any thing that happens. In the next few days I will be sending you a letter in reference telepathic séances.

Maria you have send me several letters, I hope the ones that I am responding are appropriate at this time. Due to money problems is difficult to answer all of then.

Maria I am sure you will be very occupied working on my file and I will await for your correspondence soon. Once again thank you for your honesty and friendship.

Love always
New Jersey, 07002



Maria Duval Testimony #7

Dear Ms. Maria Duval,

I wanted to take this time to thank you for your tremendous help and sharing your extraordinary gifts with me.

To have been given the opportunity to know you has been a turning point in my life. You’ve gone far beyond what I would expect anyone to do.

With your extra sensory perception, you’ve told me that my life has every chance of changing over the coming weeks. I feel strongly that you are right, something is happening day by day, don’t know how to figure it out.

I am positive, I am confident, and am feeling lucky every day. The things you’ve told me would happen, they are more and more.

To have the expertise to find a solution to neutralize some negative "waves" (as you call them) has changed from unpleasant to a perfect atmosphere in my home: what a change.

You knowing how to ward off danger and shielding me from harm, has given me a sense of safety.

I am grasping opportunities that I see coming into my life. If it wasn’t with your help, I would have never had the know-how or nerve to pursue it.

Some of your predictions have happened.

The family knew nothing about the upcoming Wedding. We all got invitations to a granddaughter’s Wedding June 23rd 2007. The Wedding was in S.C. and I did meet a lot of people from afar. Her husbands’ family weren’t from S.C.

I have great faith in you. You are 1 of the most pivotal people in my life, and most exceptional.

You have the ability to strengthen people through your letters. You do have great talents that sets you apart from many.

May God Guide you



Maria Duval Testimony #6

My Dearest Maria Duval,

I want to thank you so much for being so so faithful in our friendship over many many months and so I have lived in the hope that my situation will change from week to week. I have read and reread much of the correspondence that you have sent me and although I believed in your predictions, I had never had any luck so I felt that I should write and tell you about your balance restorer which came about 1 month ago.

I followed your instructions dear Maria and put it under my bed.

I have been receiving medication for an ailment which used to bother me every night when I went to bed and cough continuously. But since i have the Balance Restorer I have had the best sleep ever.

Now I am filled with excitement and joy after reading your most recent predictions for me. Yes, these are the dear ones that I am looking forward too...

New Zealand