Maria Duval Testimony #32

The reason for my writing today is that I would like to thank Maria Duval for her work on my horoscope and forecast.

Of course, at first I was sceptical. But when I started reading my understanding grew proportionally, the more I read and reread, the more I could see why there could be tensions with some people, but relationships with others are so much easier. Maria Duval explained it clearly, so now I know how it all works.

Also, she had forecast there could money be coming my way. I had no idea where it could be coming from, until I received an unexpected tax refund of over $400.-. Naturally my respect for her work grew.

She also had predicted something remarkable happening around the middle of last November. Out on walk in bright sunshine on a crisp morning I noticed a shadow gliding over me and my dog. Startled I looked up and saw a golden eagle so close I could distinguish single feathers. A beautiful sight. Fascinated I didn’t watch my step and fell into a rabbit hole.

Thinking I had only pulled a muscle in my back and would be able to take care of that; it turned out worse: the shock had released the stored chickenpox virus, and I came down with shingles. Not so very pleasant. But I learned my lesson to carefully heed what Maria Duval has to say, and read in her work regularly in order to better watch out around specific times.

I also learned a lot about myself that I could not understand before. So I am very pleased and can only recommend her work. Please give her sincere thanks.

Ursula S.

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