Maria Duval Testimony #35

Dear Maria Duval:
I thank God for the arrival of your blessed Luck & Money talisman. At the time, I received the lovely talisman I was so down on my luck I was contemplating suicide. Furthermore, it took my last monies to send for this taliman; I couldn’t even afford the Love & Friendship talisman.
I’ve had this blessed talisman almost a month and a half. Well, a miracle occurred indeed!! I was doing hard blue collar work (temporary position) and had filed my income tax with the IRS with a downcast heart (in the past, they had seized my income tax). Two weeks later, I got my full income tax. Thank God for that lifesaving Luck & Money talisman.

Also, a few days after receiving this life changer, I went to the local grocery store & brought two scratch offs. To my surprise, I won a whopping $2,000.00. I almost fell out from the surprise.
Also, my cat had run away some time ago, (my beloved cat, I had raised since birth), and someone (a child of ten) spotted the cat & returned the cat to my door. I gave the boy $5.00/thanked him & we had juice together.
(I was so glad to get my cat back after being gone over 1 year). I talked to the boy over cookies & found out his father needed 2 workers desperately. The boy’s father owned a import company & they only lived in the next neighbourhood. I landed a job as the import secretary for a whole $500 more per hour/and I do not have to get dirty anymore.
I know this letter is a little long. Thank you Maria from the bottom of my heart. The talisman literally saved my life!!
Yours Truly,
Johnita R.

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